Stories from the edges.

counter//balance explores memory and loss as choreographer, dancer, and musician craft a performance that balances the presence of each other with the absence of countless others.
Language of Opportunity
Families on opposite ends of the globe navigate the complexities of choosing what languages to teach their children. Two sides of one issue, this film shows how English can be a language of opportunity, but not without consequences.
Work In Progress.
Copperdog (wt)
Copperdog (working title) visualizes the exhilaration and joy that comes from being one with, and relying completely on, the natural world as it explores the relationship between the mushers and their dogs. The film focuses on women mushers in the field who have the rare opportunity to compete with men.
Work In Progress
Watch Me!
A personal documentary about family, identity and ageing parents.
Work In Progress.
Preserves: Futures & Options
A poetic journey into an Ecuadorian rainforest that contains some of the greatest biodiversity on Earth, two uncontacted tribes living in voluntary isolation and 850 million barrels of oil which will ultimately determine its fate. Part One of a documentary series 'Futures & Options'
For The Records
Part of a Transmedia project, this series of documentaries aims to increase understanding of mental health issues, particularly OCD, ADD, eating and bipolar disorder.
Variations is a portrait of three artists set apart by their own definition of ability. Dancer Kris Lenzo, musician Chris Foreman, and artist Riva Lehrer reveal the process behind their art as they talk about the influence of their lives on their practice.
A Place To Call Home
A PLACE TO CALL HOME, focuses on the work of DePaul USA to create awareness and understanding of the challenges of the chronically homeless and the importance of providing permanent supportive housing to this population most in need.
A documentary series to create awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by diverse end users, including people with disabilities, in their interactions with technology.
Welcome To Unity
This documentary captures a year in the life of a group of exchange students learning to live the 'American Way' as they sink their teeth into rural Oregon, and become the stars of their high school football team.
Ring Laila
Ring Laila is a 24 minute documentary about women, empowerment and the fighting spirit that inspires people to dream for something better amidst seemingly insurmountable odds.
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